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Android Studio Git Tutorial

This tutorial is to explain how to use Git version control with Android Studio. Git is a free distributed version control system. If you are not using version control for software development, I urge you to start learning and using it. Git is a good choice from among the list of version control software like […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 01/07/2015.

Android JSON Parsing Tutorial

In this Android tutorial, I will walk you through to access a web service end point, parse JSON response and display it in an Android list view. In the last Java tutorial we saw about creating a RESTful web service in Java that produces a JSON response. We will use that service to produce a […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 04/06/2015.

Android 5 Features and APIs

In this article we will go through the list of features and APIs launched for Android 5 codenamed Lollipop. This is written as an introduction for Android developers. The targetSdkVersion is 21 for Android 5.0. Android 5 is a huge release for developers. Similar to Java 8 features, Android 5 brings in mammoth set of […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 22/10/2014.

Android Studio Shortcuts You Need the Most

Switching from Eclipse to Android Studio for Android development requires some adjustments. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA and for those new to this IDE, this refcard article will be of help. I have got used to Eclipse and boosted my productivity by using the Eclipse shortcuts regularly. Mouse is a productivity killer, mouse […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 24/08/2014.

Android Read CSV File

This Android tutorial is to explain how to read and use a CSV file in an Android application. There is nothing fancy and is a simple tutorial for beginners. This tutorial will answer two questions, Where should I put the CSV file in Android? How to read that CSV file from the app? Where to […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 23/07/2014.

Android Development Environment Setup

This article is a recap and will provide detailed step by step instructions to setup the Android development environment. Long back I wrote a tutorial for Android Hello World. In that tutorial, I gave an overview for setting up the Android development environment. Looks like that is not detailed enough, since I still get lot […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 24/10/2013.

Android SQLite Database

Android platform includes the SQLite embedded database and provides out of the box support to use it via Android APIs. In this tutorial we shall see how to get started with SQLite database in Android. SQLite is nothing but a relational database and our sql skills will help. How to Use SQLite with Android? To […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 21/02/2013.

Android Intent

An intent is an abstract description of an action expected to be performed. Android Intent reflects English meaning of word intent, determination to do something. It is kind of a black box containing set of instructions to perform an action like, To start or launch an Activity To broadcast an Intent To start / bind […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 09/12/2012.

How to play audio in Android?

This tutorial will help to play audio file in android app. We will create an Android service that will play the audio file. Service is an Android application component and different from Android activity component. Following steps will help to create an android app to play audio as a service in android mobile, Create a […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 30/11/2012.

Using Database from an Android Application

This tutorial is to use a database from an android application. I have used MySQL database for example. This tutorial can be broadly classified into two major steps. 1. Creating server side code for performing CRUD operations. 2. Creating Android application and let it access database via server side code. 1. Creating server side code […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 01/11/2012.