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Android Activity

Activity is an Android component that is created as a virtual box. User interface has to be designed on top of this box to allow user to interact with this activity. This is exactly like the HTML’s box method where each HTML tag is considered as a box. Users interact with an android app using […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 02/10/2012.

Android Notifications

In this tutorial we shall learn about different types of notifications in android. Following are the three types of android notifications, Toast Notification – Shows message that fades away after a few seconds. (Background type also) Status Notification – Shows notification message and displayed till user action. (Background type also) Dialog Notification – Comes out […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 20/09/2012.

How to Take Screen Shot in Android?

Taking screen shot in a mobile is so easy. Just hold the home and power button together for a second. This will grab the current screen as image in photo gallery. Tested in HTC Explorer and iPhone 3GS. Yes, this tip is applicable for both Android and iPhone. Applicable for any iOS device and latest […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 14/09/2012.

Get User Input in Android

I have written an Android Hello World tutorial some time back. Wouldn’t it be nice if we add some simple user interaction to it. As simple as get a text input from user and display it. This tutorial will help you do that and will serve as an introduction to use of Android form widgets. […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 05/09/2012.

Android Manifest

Sometime back I wrote a tutorial on Android hello world and lots of friends asked for more on Android. With respect to Android I share the same passion with you my friends. I want to write some good android apps and put it in Google store. I am starting up a series of tutorial on […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 26/08/2012.

Android Hello World

Last week my wife gifted me a new mobile wishing not to miss her calls anymore. My (very very) old mobile celebrated its 7th birthday and I decided to allow it to RIP. For one reason, I held on to it for these many years. It simply did what its supposed to do, making/receiving calls […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 05/02/2011.