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Android Bundled Notifications

In this lesson on Android notifications, we will take a look at how to create and manage bundled notifications. Earlier we saw an introductory tutorial on Android notifications. Notifications in Android A notification is an alert or a simple message shown to the user in the notification panel of an Android device. This alert is […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 01/03/2018.

Android App with Multi-Language Support

In this article, we will learn how to build an Android APP that supports (Internationalization and Localization) multiple languages. Language plays a crucial role in the overall interface of the app and it is great if you can append more languages to it so that you can support a wider audience. This makes your Android […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 22/02/2018.

Android Intro Slider And Splash Screen

In this article we will learn to add intro slider to an Android App. We will also learn to make a splash screen in android. Intro Slider is the first screen in an APP that is used to display the highlights of application during the first launch of the app.   We will start by adding splash screen […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 07/02/2018.

Introduction to Kotlin

1. Overview This lesson will introduce you to the world of Kotlin, a new programming language by JetBrains which is now officially, a first-class citizen for Android. This means that you are free to develop Android apps in Kotlin as well. Apart from Android, you can always use Kotlin in Server-side applications as well, like with […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 02/02/2018.

Android Swipe Down to Refresh a ListView

This Android tutorial is about refreshing a ListView by swiping down. It will enable the user to refresh the Android ListView in an Android application by providing a good user experience. Earlier I published a tutorial to build a Todo list APP in Android and this kind of swipe to refresh feature will be comfortable […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 24/01/2018.

Android Proximity Sensor Example App

In this tutorial i will walk you through to create an android application demonstrating the use of proximity sensor. It is a sensor which detects the presence of an object/person in vicinity of the devices’ sensor. Proximity sensors are used in many applications but it is most widely used in Smartphones. Most of the modern […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 18/01/2018.

How to Build Android Calculator APP

In this Android tutorial we’ll learn to make a calculator APP. Let us plan for a simple and basic functions calculator as it is for learning purposes only. This will help you understand the layouts, buttons and action handling. We’ll start with making our layout containing numeric Buttons, operator Button, an equal Button, a TextView and […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 10/01/2018.

Android Firebase Authentication

Firebase is a platform provided by Google to power up your mobile App. Firebase is packed with salient features like user authentication and cloud messaging. In this tutorial, i will demonstrate the use of authentication feature in Firebase. I will build an android app and  show how Firebase auth feature is implemented in android. I […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 13/12/2017.

Android AI Chatbot Powered by IBM Watson

All you need is just 10 minutes to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Chatbot. AI is the future – like it or not! Will AI save or destroy humanity, let us leave that discussion to Mark and Elon for now. As a developer let us embrace it. Chatbots are taking over customer service jobs […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 06/12/2017.

Android Studio Git Tutorial

This tutorial is to explain how to use Git version control with Android Studio. Git is a free distributed version control system. If you are not using version control for software development, I urge you to start learning and using it. Git is a good choice from among the list of version control software like […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 01/07/2015.