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Javapapers is a java tutorial site passionately maintained by Joe. Tutorials written are of Java, Servlets, Jsp, Spring framework, Android and design patterns. Javapapers stands out from the crowd by providing in-depth tutorial on each topic at the same time keeping it simple. This helps to refresh your Java knowledge, keep updated with latest Java news, prepare for Java interview, and Java certifications. Welcome!

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Java List size Puzzle

This is a Java puzzle involving the Collection List interface. This is a Java beginner level puzzle and will help understand how the size works in List element. What is the output for the following Java code snippet? package; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.List; public class ListPuzzle { public static void main(String args[]) […]
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A WordPress Blog Performance Optimization (Horror) Story

This is a JavaPapers story. How I nosedived into deep pit and how I am trying to get out of it. This is not to bash anybody, in particular the WordPress or the Hosting provider, because all I got to blame is me and only me. Prelude is running on a WordPress platform. I […]
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Why Object is Super Class in Java?

java.lang.Object class is the super base class of all Java classes. Every other Java classes descends from Object. Should we say the God class? Why is that so? This Java article is to discuss around it. In Mathematics, an axiom is a starting point of reasoning using which other statement can be logically derived. The […]
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Java Collections Interview Questions – Part I

Following are the Java collections interview questions most frequently asked in interviews. I have attempted to keep the answers short and simple, as the objective is to help you prepare and revise topics for interviews quickly. Java Collections Interview Questions How to filter a Java collection? How to sort a Java Collection? Best way to […]
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Java PriorityQueue

PriorityQueue belongs to the Java Collections Framework. PriorityQueue is based on  priority heap and it is an implementation of Queue interface. This data structure can be used when we need a Queue implementation and we have a requirement to maintain the elements of that collection in a specific sorted order based on each element’s priority. […]
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Android Studio Shortcuts You Need the Most

Switching from Eclipse to Android Studio for Android development requires some adjustments. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA and for those new to this IDE, this refcard article will be of help. I have got used to Eclipse and boosted my productivity by using the Eclipse shortcuts regularly. Mouse is a productivity killer, mouse […]
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Java Mind Map Free Tool: FreeMind

Mind map is a diagrammatic way of representing a thought process, ideas and concepts. An informal way of organizing unstructured information. We start from a central concept and branch out from there and create an ecosystem around it. The advantage of mind maps is there is no real hard standard like UML. Anything even a […]
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Java 9 Initial Features Announced

The first set of Java Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) that will be considered for Java 9 features are here. Java release timeline is getting enriched. Before going in the the Java 9 features detail, let us have a quick summary about what is a JEP. Java Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) The Java Enhancement Proposals serve as a […]
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Android Twitter Feed Reader

This Android tutorial is to demonstrate an application that will connect to the Twitter and read the tweets and display it. We will use the Twitter 1.1 API to access the tweets by authenticating via OAuth. We will be using the gson-2.2.4.jar for parsing the Json response. Apart from the gson API we will not […]
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Temporal Adjuster Example: Second Saturday

For now this is the last example in the temporal adjuster example series. This tutorial is to find second Saturday of a month. Refer the temporal adjuster tutorial and introduction to java 8 date and time API to know more about this topic. Temporal adjuster is a powerful utility. It will be really handy in […]
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