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Javapapers is a java tutorial site passionately maintained by Joe. Tutorials written are of Java, Servlets, Jsp, Spring framework, Android and design patterns. Javapapers stands out from the crowd by providing in-depth tutorial on each topic at the same time keeping it simple. This helps to refresh your Java knowledge, keep updated with latest Java news, prepare for Java interview, and Java certifications. Welcome!

Recent Tutorials

Android Read CSV File

This Android tutorial is to explain how to read and use a CSV file in an Android application. There is nothing fancy and is a simple tutorial for beginners. This tutorial will answer two questions, Where should I put the CSV file in Android? How to read that CSV file from the app? Where to […]
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Android Tab Layout with Swipe Views

This Android tutorial is to help create tab layout with swipe views in an Android application. Swipe views in a tab layout are for convenience for the user. Swipe adds a real world feel to the tabs. In a previous tutorial we saw about creating a tab layout in an Android application. In an another […]
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Template Method Design Pattern

Template method design pattern is to define an algorithm as skeleton of operations and leave the details to be implemented by the child classes. The overall structure and sequence of the algorithm is preserved by the parent class. This behavioral design pattern is one of the easiest to understand and implement. This design pattern is […]
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Android DPI Calculator

ldpi mdpi hdpi xhdpi xxhdpi xxxhdpi tvdpi This Android DPI calculator is to help build a uniform UI in Android apps. If you want to know more about this, go through difference Between dp, dip, sp, px, in, mm, pt in Android.
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Java Facebook Login with OAuth Authentication

This Java tutorial is to help implement authentication in Java using Facebook OAuth Login API. We will be using Java and a JSON parser API and other than that we will not use any third-party component. Facebook is not providing any sdk for Java client. Apart from Spring Social I couldn’t find any reputable Java […]
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Difference Between dp, dip, sp, px, in, mm, pt in Android

This Android tutorial is to explain the difference between dp, dip, sp, px, in, mm, pt and what we should use when. This is to enable design a consistent UI across different Android screen sizes. Before going into the difference let us understand some basic terminologies. Screen size in Android is grouped into categories small, […]
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Java Numeric Promotion

This Java article is to discuss about the numeric promotion that happens when using operators. Similar to the last Java puzzle on floating point precision, this article will also make raise some eyebrows. Last week a regular reader of Javapapers Palani Kumar wrote to me and asked a question, “Why I cannot add two byte […]
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Android Flashlight Application Tutorial

In this Android tutorial let us learn about how to create a nice small Android app which will help double your Android device as a flashlight too. It would be handy to have this flashlight app in our Android phone. Instead of downloading an app from the Google play store, wouldn’t it be nice if […]
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Java Puzzle: Floating Point Precision

This is a Java puzzle to pep up our floating point arithmetic skills. Guess the output for the following Java puzzle program, public class Precision { public static void main(String... args){ double d = 0.0d; for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { d = d + 0.1d; } System.out.println(d); } } For […]
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Java Stream API – Part II

In this tutorial let us continue with the Java Stream API. Couple of weeks earlier we saw about the introduction to Java Stream API. There were some leftovers in that topic and lets have a look at them now. A warning for you, this is pure theory and a dry one. It may not be […]
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