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SLF4J vs Log4j

Which one to use in my project either SLF4J or Log4j or both? Its been long since SLF4J came into picture and adopted heavily by projects all around. But certain things never get over. Like the difference between abstract class and interface in Java. Difference between SLF4j and Log4j is still a popular questions among […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 01/02/2016.

Java Micro Benchmark with JMH

This Java tutorial is to learn about what is a micro benchmark and how to do a micro benchmark using JMH. Java Microbenchmark Harness (JMH) is a Java tool by OpenJDK for creating benchmarks. We can use JMH to benchmark programs written in Java and other languages that targets the Java JVM. Benchmark is a […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 26/07/2015.

Run Java in JavaScript

This discusses about how to run the Java platform within JavaScript engine in a browser. Standard way of running Java application in a browser is via Java Applets. Applets can provide high level of interactive features in a web browser that will exceed the ordinary capabilities of HTML. If you are looking to run JavaScript […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 12/01/2015.

5 JDK Tools Every Java Developer Should Know

Java JDK has many tools bundled into it. Needles to say java.exe and javac.exe are used by all developers and can be easily counted as popular Java tools. Along with these there are many tools Java JDK presents us. Most of those tools are never used by a normal Java developer. If they are put […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 17/11/2014.

Java JDK Tools

Java JDK comes bundled with lot of tools to enable Java developers to program better. You know and regularly use ‘java’ and ‘javac’. Do you know about ‘pack200’? There are many such tools comes default with our JKD bundle. This page is abridged to give a quick reference of tools available default with the Java […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 16/11/2014.

Java Remote Debug with Eclipse

Debugging a remotely running Java application using Eclipse IDE is an important skill in our Java debug arsenal. Eclipse IDE is what I use mostly and so I took it for example. Configuring the same for debug with other IDEs like NetBeans, IntelliJ should be similar. We will need this remote debug mechanism when the […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 14/11/2013.

Maven in 10 Minutes

This tutorial will serve as a getting started guide for Maven. If you are not aware of what Maven is, then go through my previous tutorial, it has introduction to Maven, how to setup it and Ant Vs Maven, and its advantages. This tutorial is for developers who want to know only the essentials of […]
Published to JEE Tutorial on 11/10/2013.

Import Maven Project Into Eclipse

This is a quick tip to help import a Maven project into Eclipse IDE. To learn Maven quickly check the Maven in 10 minutes tutorial. Download project source code and unzip it into a folder location. Lets assume that we have the Maven project on D:\Joe\Workspace. From Eclipse, Project Explorer -> Right click -> Select […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 08/10/2013.

Download, Install and Setup Maven

Maven is a build management tool. It will come handy when we have lots of dependencies, we keep on updating the dependent project, complex build version management. ANT is there for long as a build tool and is popularly used in development. So why do we need Maven? Maven vs ANT ANT focuses only on […]
Published to JEE Tutorial on 03/10/2013.

Java Decompiler

Decompiler is to reverse engineer source code from object code. A decompiler for java should get the respective source file from its Java binary class file. Java decompiler world is in mess, yes it really looks like kid’s mud play. To our surprise, it is difficult to find a decent Java decompiler in the whole […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 07/07/2013.