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Java JDK comes bundled with lot of tools to enable Java developers to program better. You know and regularly use ‘java’ and ‘javac’. Do you know about ‘pack200’? There are many such tools comes default with our JKD bundle. This page is abridged to give a quick reference of tools available default with the Java JDK. This is based on Java JDK 1.8


Java Tool Description
appletviewer To run applets outside of a web browser.
extcheck To detect version conflict between a target jar file and installed extension jar files.
idlj To generate Java bindings for a given IDL file.
jabswitch To enable Java applications that implement Java Accessibility API to be visible to assistive technologies on MS Windows systems.
jar To aggregate and compress multiple files into a singe JAR file.
jarsigner To digitally sign a jar file and also to verify the signatures and integrity of signed jar files.
java To launch Java applications.
javac To compile Java source files to binary class files.
javadoc To generate API documentation out of Java source files.
javafxpackager To package JavaFx applications for deployment.
javah To generate C language header and stubs while writing native methods.
javap To disassemble Java class files.
java-rmi To generate stubs, skeletons and other RMI related tasks.
javaw To run a GUI based Java application in its own window in MS Windows.
javaws To launch a Java application that is distributed through web.
jcmd To send diagnostic command requests to a Java JVM.
jconsold GUI tool to monitor a Java application running in a JVM.
jdb To debug a Java class.
jdeps To analyze Java class dependencies.
jhat To parse and browse through Java heap dumps.
jinfo To print configuration information for a given process or core file or remote debug server.
jjs To invoke the Nashorn JavaScript engine.
jmap To print shared object memory maps or heap memory details of a Java application process.
jmc To monitor, analyze and debug Java applications.
jps To list instrumented HotSpot Java VMs on a target system.
jrunscript To run scipting language files like JavaScript.
jsadebugd To attach to a Java process and acts as a debug server, so that remote clients can connect to it.
jstak To print stack trace of threads for a given Java process.
jstat To display performance statistics for an instrumented HotSpot JVM.
jstatd To launch a RMI server to monitor creation and termination of instrumented HotSpot Java virtual machines.
jvisualvm To monitor, analyze and debug running Java application via a GUI.
keytool To create, manage, store keys and security certificates.
kinit To obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting tickets.
klist To list entries in credential cache and key tab.
ktab To manage the entries in the security key table.
native2ascii To convert files encoded in any character encoding supported by JRE to files encoded in ASCII.
orbd To locate and invoke persistent objects on servers in CORBA environments.
pack200 To transform a Java JAR file into a compressed pack200 file using the Java gzip compressor.
policytool To create and modify the external policy configuration files that define the system Java security policy.
rmic To generate stubs and skeletons for Java remote objects.
rmid To start the activation system daemon that allows remote objects to be registered and activated in a JVM.
rmiregistry To start a remote object registry.
schemagen To generate schema for Java architecture XML bindings.
serialver To return Java class serialVersionUID.
servertool To enable programmers to register, unregister, startup and shutdown a persistent server.
tnameserv To provide access to Java naming service.
unpack200 To transform back a pack200 file to a Java JAR file.
wsgen To read an existing web service implementation class and generate Java JAX-WS portable artifacts.
wsimport To read a WSDL and generate Java JAX-WS portable artifacts.
xjc Binding compiler for Java Architecture for XML Binding.

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