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What we will Miss from Java in 2016?

We know about this news almost a month back. Just wanted to highlight to those who missed the news or didn’t come across it. Java 9 is postponed to 2017. Previously Java 9 was scheduled to be released in September 2016. Now the date of General Availability (GA) milestone is rescheduled [1] to 23 March […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 06/01/2016.

Java Bloggers Meet to Celebrate 20th Java Birthday, Hosted by Oracle

This is about an event hosted by Oracle, India at Hyderabad for Java bloggers to celebrate Java’s 20th birthday. It was an exclusive event for a small group of people, less than fifteen participants and happened on 13 June, 2015, couple of days back. Event was organized by Oracle India at its office in Hyderabad. […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 15/06/2015.

Java TFTP Client

In this article, I will brief about what is TFTP protocol and implement a TFTP client using Java. TFTP stands for Trivial File Transfer Protocol. It is a simple protocol used to transfer files. It is implemented on top of Datagram protocol (UDP). In comparison with FTP protocol, it is very simple. It does not […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 14/05/2015.

10 Twitter Handles Every Java Developer Should Follow

Be the first to know about what’s happening in the world of Java and keep yourself updated. Twitter is an excellent resource for the latest trends. I have listed out the top 10 Twitter handles that we should follow. Add your preference in the comment. 1. @java The official Twitter stream of Java language. It […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 07/01/2015.

Java 9 Initial Features Announced

The first set of Java Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) that will be considered for Java 9 features are here. Java release timeline is getting enriched. Before going in the the Java 9 features detail, let us have a quick summary about what is a JEP. Java Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) The Java Enhancement Proposals serve as a […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 20/08/2014.

Longest Class, Method and Attribute Names in Java

Just got curious to see what is the longest class name in Java JDK bundle and extended that curiosity to method and attribute names as well. Wrote a tiny Java program to load all classes, their methods and attributes from a Jar to print their name to a file. Then ran that on JDK 1.6 […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 18/12/2013.

Java Free Ebooks / Tutorials

1. Thinking in Java (Third Edition) By author Bruce Eckel and it’s the most popular free java ebook of all time. From early stages of Java, this free downloadable Java ebook is popular. It is good for a systematic study of Java and has good code samples. It is free till Third Edition only and […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 19/05/2013.

Performance of JVM Server and Client Mode

Couple of weeks back, I wrote an article to introduce JVM server and client mode and discussed about how they differ performance wise. I just thought of running some programs and capture performance metrics on these two modes and show case it to you. As I have explained in my previous article, JVM server mode […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 09/12/2012.

Java Community Process (JCP) and Java Specification Request (JSR)

I wanted to introduce two important things in java, the JCP and JSR in this article. A java guy must be knowing about these and no excuse. Java community process gives us the public an opportunity to participate in the development and maintenance of the Java platform. This is one of the best thing in […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 02/12/2012.

JVM Server vs Client Mode

JVM is launched in client mode by default in SUN/Orace JDK. JVM provides option to launch it in server or client mode. These two modes give different run time performance options. At high level there are two steps from java source to running program. In first step we compile the java source to binary class […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 25/11/2012.