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How to call a C program from Java?

Calling a C program may be useful when we prefer to use C libraries and to reuse an existing C program. When we compile a C program, the source gets converted to obj file. It is a platform dependent intermediate machine code which will be converted to exe and then executed. Java native interface (JNI) […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 21/10/2012.

Run Javascript from Java

This Java tutorial is to introduce the package javax.script.*. It can be used to execute scripting languages from within Java. Scripts can be executed within the JVM. Java provides a generic framework to hookup a scripting engine to run the scripts. Let us take JavaScript language and run an example. There are couple of important […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 14/10/2012.

JAXB Tutorial

This article is an introductory tutorial for JAXB. Some time back I wrote a tutorial introducing Java StAX and after reading that lot of friends asked to write on JAXB and so this article. JAXB is an acronym of Java Architecture for XML Binding. JAXB provides API to access and process a XML document. We […]
Published to JEE Tutorial on 08/07/2012.

Java StAX

XML processing is an important weapon in a programmer’s armour. It is not something new and still growing popular by each day. Android embraces it. Every emerging technology incorporates XML. Java supports XML by providing JAXP and it has multiple ways for xml processing and they are SAX, DOM, TrAX, StAX and JAXB. In this […]
Published to JEE Tutorial on 10/06/2012.

Top 10 Java Classes

Thought of compiling a list of classes that are popular among java programmers. Should I say most essential? There is no strict rules for the selection, in fact there are no rules followed. Classes that popped up on top of mind are listed below. You are welcome to add your own list. This list will […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 23/05/2012.

Getting Started with AJAX using Java

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. AJAX provides an ability to communicate with the server asynchronously. Here asynchronous is the keyword. To explain that in simple terms, you can send a request to server and continue user interaction with the user. You need not wait for response from the server. Once the […]
Published to AJAX Tutorial on 21/07/2010.