Now the SUN is Red

Last modified on July 25th, 2014 by Joe. now redirects to – oracle completes acquisition of sun.

Is it a happy news or sad news for sun customers? In particular java guys.

  1. Oracle is a strong supporter of Eclipse – what will happen to NetBeans now?
  2. Will oracle continue and endorse JCP (Java Community Process)?
  3. Will MySQL development continue?
  4. Will oracle continue OpenOffice?
  5. Will Glassfish live in sync with oracle owned weblogic

Oracle’s press release says it will continue to support sun customers and invest more money on SPARC and MySQL. Until now, no negative news to worry about.

This $7.4 billion deal has become notorious on the above fronts. All the controvercy is surrounding MySQL and there is not much noise about what will happen to java!

There is a high possibility for a new commercial platform as oracle java. They know how to sell it as oracle is everywhere.

Mike Milinkovich, the Eclipse Foundation’s Executive Director:
“The Oracle acquisition of Sun and Java holds some real promise for resolving one of the simmering disputes in the Java community. Namely, the technical direction of modularity in Java. OSGi has been around for a number of years and has demonstrated its utility as a well architected Java modularity solution in domains ranging from mobile to enterprise middleware. OSGi has been adopted to varying degrees by every major Java licensor, including Oracle.

During the past couple of years, it looked like Sun was on a path of basically reinventing the wheel. With Oracle at the helm there is a chance that the Java platform will be moving forward with OSGi as the standardized model for modularity.”

But its one killer blow by Larry Ellison. Now the competition with MS$ becomes even stronger, and a new direct competition with IBM and so on.

Comments on "Now the SUN is Red"

  1. Joe says:

    As of day Project Kenai is the first casualty of the oracle sun acquisition deal.

    Project Kenai will no longer be available for public. Oracle says it will use it for internal purpose and then decide on it.

    Its a blow for open source enthusiasts. I am not sure how many more is to come!

  2. Anu says:

    What is the need for oracle java…. Will it be same as java or any technical changes follow??

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