Apache (ASF) Resigns from JCP Committee

Last modified on July 25th, 2014 by Joe.

It’s one month old news as of today. Still if you are not aware, Apache software foundation one of the most respected group and it moves away from JCP citing license issues and Oracle’s strong hold on java.

Java benefited in many ways for more than 10 years from Apache. It chaired the JCP executive committee and one of the main drivers for java community process. Starting with famous Apache Tomcat, ASF has around 100 projects focusing on Java. This is really sad news for us. We the java community have happily used ASF’s products.

Five years back, can you name a decent project that was built without Apache Ant? Of course now it’s Apache Maven. Okay time to move on. But we believe in Apache’s ethics. I am sure that all those projects will flourish as always.

ASF resigning from JCP is now. In future, will there be JCP itself? Will there be same harmony?

Now we are living in a world of uncertainty pertaining Java. As a developer we may lose some freedom over Java and its path. But we hope java will live long. Losing some freedom, isn’t that everything?

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  1. Chetan says:

    Its really a sad news..Apache has given much to us..to java and java developers.I am very nervous by hearing this from you.And i have also used ant and i know its power. OK, time to move on but we java developer will or can only hope for the best from Oracle now.

  2. ganesh says:

    apache itself is a BIG commmunity now, can’t it start giving its own specs with its own people ….may be things like open-jdk could tie along…

  3. chandan kumar says:

    way of expressing the content is amaging…….thanks joe……..

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