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Last modified on July 25th, 2014 by Joe.

Javapapers was running on a colorful design for many years. Like everybody, I too like lots and lots of colors. Years back, when I did the design only two things were in my mind, I wanted bright colors and wanted the site to feel like a notepad of papers. I succeeded in that design and I liked it. But, there were many problems that accompanied the beauty,

old home

Responsive Design

Recently I started to work on a new design with the following objectives,

new home

The whole design is handcrafted exclusively for Javapapers. It is launched today as beta and there might be minor glitches here and there. Need to test on multiple devices and the work is in progress. In another couple of weeks everything will be ironed out and polished.

I am looking forward eagerly to your feedback on this new design. As always thank you for your support for Javapapers.

Comments on "Javapapers Redesigned"

  1. Omkar says:

    Good to see the redesigned look of Java papers. Navigation and categorization of topics on left side of the page will be really helpful. I will be missing cup of coffee from the new look :( Thanks for your efforts to keep Java community alive and inspiring.

  2. Anonymous says:

    it is good.. from past couple of years I am following this site…it is more helpful to me

  3. Vishal says:

    Nice work Joe.. Beta on April 1 ..hmm that’s intersting :)

  4. Smriti Singh says:

    Nice !!

  5. ashok says:

    looking good ..

  6. Joe says:

    Thanks Omkar.

    Yes, missing the coffee cup. Its a large image and reluctantly I had to remove it.

    Tutorial menu navigation on the left sidebar is an important aspect of this redesign. There is no off the shelf plugin available for this kind of work. We had to put together multiple plugins and do some custom code and got it work. It is one of the kind given the platform we use for Javapapers.

  7. Joe says:

    Thanks Vishal.

    April 1 was a coincidence. Plan was to complete the design work by mid-march and it got extended. I was working late into the night yesterday and when I launched the design it was 3:00 AM. Only today morning when my son played a prank on me, I realized its April 1 :-)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Joe,
    Iam one of the follower of javapapers. Good to see the new design but suddenly found the page as empty compared to te notepad verion. But anyways the contents are more clear, but missing the next and previous pages.Thanks for the compatibility.

  9. Matt Kleiderman says:

    Looks good on an iPad Air…..

  10. Pooja says:

    Great! :) It seems updating software with new version ;) :)

  11. Pushkar says:

    its really good idea

  12. Pratik says:

    Nice and Elegant design Joe.

  13. Joe says:

    Thank you so much Matt. I feel elated when I saw your comment. Happy because you are watching :-)

    Facing an issue on iOS devices. Based on the device width, I am removing the sidebars. For example, on mobile devices we should not have both sidebars. On pads only one sidebar should be there. This is working well on Android devices. But in iOS (tested with my iPhone), the sidebars are present. Need to fix this.

  14. Joe says:

    Hey Pooja,

    This has consumed hours and hours. Right from conceptualizing a design, to code it and test it.

    Most of the time was spent on working on the Menu bar (left side navigation) stuff. I am telling you a secret now, that’s done by my wife ;-)

  15. Joe says:

    Thanks Pushkar.

  16. Joe says:

    Thanks Pratik.

  17. Joe says:


    Lots of clean space is intentional.

    Next and previous links are present in other posts. It will come and go contextually.

  18. Srinu says:

    Great…It’s looking very nice.

  19. Hiral Khakhar says:

    It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design of Java papers said how it works.(Specially Left side navigation).Elegant and Simple UI.

  20. Matt Kleiderman says:

    and BTW, it loaded quickly on the never-fast WiFi on the train…

  21. Manasveena Suguru says:

    i liked the tutorial style.. looks more organized :)
    its really nice

  22. Joe says:

    this is the best news…

  23. Joe says:

    Man, you hit it on the head. That was what I was hoping for. Thanks.

  24. Ravi Kumar says:

    Missing the old look, it was like reading from notebook kept on a Table.
    Missing a lot!!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    this is awesome man………… better than before one

  26. Githin says:

    Its a great help for java lovers. Thanks Joe

  27. Joe says:

    I also miss those colors and that coffee cup.

    But its time we upgrade. We had to do this now or we will be left behind.

  28. Joe says:

    Thanks :-)

  29. Joe says:

    Welcome Githin.

  30. Arvind Ram says:

    I like the new one. Its simple and neat ! Look forward to read more articles from you :-)

  31. Joe says:

    Thanks Arvind.

  32. Sanket says:

    Joe ,

    New design looks good and simple .But old one was very colourfull and attractive ,i liked that paper theme very much :-)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Looks good. One suggestion thought
    please provide a link to navigate to the top of the page.

  34. Firoz Shaikh says:

    It’s nice of you that you forwarded to the new responsive look which is necessary in real time. But in your old look every morning i was feeling like i’m reading my java and android notes on my table near the window. Missing that look. but i’m having some of your old tutorials with that look. so whenever i miss it. i’ll take a look on it. Nice Going Sir…. :)

  35. Vijaya Bhaskar says:

    Good work SIR …!

  36. aarish says:

    The revamp is great with a great deal of readability and user-friendliness, Sir!!

  37. Kevin says:

    Hello Joe,
    It would be more professional if you remove adds from your site. Just an advise. Keep up the good job.

  38. Arivoli says:

    Good Job….

  39. Joe says:

    Thanks for the thought Kevin. Sure I agree with that.

    There are other personal consequences for that, but sure I will try to remove them soon.

  40. Joe says:

    Thanks Sanket. Hope you will get used to this new theme soon.

  41. Joe says:

    Yes, its there in tutorial pages. Those navigation will appear and go contextually.

  42. Joe says:

    Thanks Firoz. We have to let go some things we like at certain times. Otherwise we will be left behind.

  43. kunal shah says:

    Hiii Joe Nice Look thats the only best java tutorial site.Great work Bro.

  44. Joe says:

    Thanks Kunal.

  45. Firoz Shaikh says:

    That’s also true…

  46. Reddy says:

    Better than last one, I think you used wordpress for this.

  47. Harikrishnan R says:

    Neat work! Neatly labelled, well maintained.

    I have been following your page since Virtusa. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  48. Joe says:

    Yes Reddy, I am using the WordPress as the platform. This responsive theme is custom developed.

  49. Joe says:

    Thanks Hari. Happy that you are following Javapapers for long.

    Keep sharing :-)

  50. Deepti says:

    Great Job Joe!! :) Liked the new look specially left side navigation.

    Thank you.

  51. Joe says:

    Thanks Deepti. Left side menu is a WordPress plugin custom designed exclusively for us. Happy you like it.

  52. Pavan Solapure says:

    I would suggest to use some cache plugin for your site. W3 Super Cache or W3 Total Cache

  53. Joe says:

    Pavan, I am using “Hyper Cache” plugin.

    Do you experience slowness or is it noticeably slow in responding. Please let me know.

  54. Sandeep Singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have been following your site since last 2 years and am pleased to see the new design. This site has been very helpful to me and inspires me to start my own blog.
    I am curious to know how much time, effort, and money you spend on running this site. Also, could you roughly tell us how much you earn from adsense ;-)
    This will help newbies like me to get an idea. Thank you!

  55. Riyaz says:

    New Look is fine .

    Tutorial menu navigation on the left sidebar looks good but too small , please increase the size. And header contains only text “javapaper” , add some images or something because lot of space is left blank in header.

  56. Hari Mohan says:


    Congrats !!! for you have decided to change the theme.
    The new design looks pretty good.

    But I found few little annoying stuffs ..

    1. Since the primary color for background is white, to produce white color of LED or LCD , all 3 primary colors (red,blue,green) have to be illuminated, which causes quicker battery power draining.

    2. Left panel for navigation is great , but it does not match the theme.It looks like a hanging piece of photo frame.

    3. The content pane (center) is still not wide enough.If you could move ‘about’ & ‘google ads’ to header, a wider space can be achieved.

    4. Fond color is black , a 100% contrasting color to white background, which causes motion blur while scrolling and its kind of head ache.

    5. Date & reply links are too bright and fond is too small.

    I wish you take a look at for betterment of Look and Feel.. !!!

    A good design immerses the reader into content !!!
    And not distract him !!

  57. Sentil Muthiah says:

    Hey Man, You are rocking. Keep going

  58. […] New design was launched, people poured in comments, they were happy and so I was happy too. Along with the new design, I brought in a new component to the site. It was a context-sensitive navigation menu. It was a killer feature (that’s what I thought) and some of the readers too liked it. […]

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