Celebrates 400000 Pageviews

Last modified on July 25th, 2014 by Joe.

Its been 1.5 years I launched It was a great journey until now. I have utilized every bit of my free time to pursue this dream. I am very happy that this blog has surpassed 400000 page views. Thanks to Google for all the search results. It all started as just a personal log. Over a period it became a passion.

There were many ups and downs. Couple of months back, I was updating wordpress and messed up the permalinks structure and complete listing in Google became null. That is, for no keywords javapapers resulted in Google. Its a kind of blackout! Like that, so many anxious moments. Lots and lots of learning, PHP, Apache, Linux, JQuery, … hey I missed JAVA!

A community of java enthusiasts started following. Thank you all for the feedback and keep pouring your comments (after popular request, recently I have enabled facility to add comments). I wish you guys to start some blog. With every small achievement, it gives you great sense of satisfaction.

Its just a beginning and much more to follow…

To share the happy moment with you, some statistics from Google Analytics:


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Comments on " Celebrates 400000 Pageviews"

  1. Ilamparithi says:

    Congrats. This is a very useful site.

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you Ilamparithi.

  3. Pushpa says:

    Congrats da mapla

  4. allwin says:

    Congrats Joseph….It is great and useful stuff….

  5. Purusothaman.N says:

    Joe, Its a pleasure on your tiredless achievement.Congrats and Keep going.

  6. Divakar says:

    Awesome Joe , Nice contribution to the java community.

  7. Srikanth S says:

    Hi Joe,
    This is Srikanth and am pleased to see you achieving something great which i haven’t or even thought of. I could still remember the days [may be 6 yrs back] you come late from office and still sit on the computer browsing for java updates.You have been creative,hungry to know new things always and its your attitude that has made you to think differently and start a good,useful site like Appreciate your effort and my best wishes for your new project and ideas. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Srikanth S

  8. Karthikeyan.K says:

    Kalakkura machi.. Keep it up..

  9. Joe says:

    Thank you guys.

  10. Tousif Khan says:

    Well done Jeo.

    Thanks to you for creating such a informative
    and straightforward blog for java beginners.

    Tousif Khan

  11. Wave says:

    It is a great learning site for all(B-M). It has plethora knowledge to understand.
    God give you all strength and sources to keep writing this type blogs.

  12. Anonymous says:

    India map is not proper , pls correct it

    Thanks in advance

  13. Joe says:

    I have removed the map.

  14. Bala says:


    I am from .NET background and so didn’t view this site till now as I tend to ignore Java specific sites. But now I have bookmarked your site!! Your articles are simple and easy to understand, Keep up the good work!!

    BTW, nice to see that you are encouraging others to start blogging.


  15. Atul says:

    Congrats Joe:)

  16. Joe says:

    Thanks Atul.

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