Why Are You?

Last modified on July 25th, 2014 by Joe.

I had to write this article because of few frequent comments/emails I have received. Many of them are positive, helpful, some are disappointing and few are derogatory. Though I have learnt to live with all those, some of the questions are sincere and so I wish to respond to my readers.

If you don’t understand the above and still going to ask me difficult questions, instead of giving sincere answer I have the choice to give a common simpler answer and you know what it is.

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    Hai Joe,

    First of all, I extend my sincere thanks to you and on behalf of all readers of JavaPapers.

    The concepts and the simpler manner in which they are presented is excellent. JavaPapers inculcates the interest for Java in readers. Hats off Joe.

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    Hai Joe,

    People are asking you about the things that are basic java concept.If they are saying that those are available on net that is true but the main thing about your article is the CLEAR CONCEPT on the things you are writing.That is not available on other tutorial on various sites.

    Hope they can understand these things !!!

    Keep your spirit, its valuable to more people those needs rather than few that don’t.

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    please explain how to improve the programming skills??

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    just keep going.

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    Hi Joe,

    Keep going! Don’t listen to jerks.

  21. Teknia says:

    You try to provide insight! This is way different from many other sites and books which simply repeats sections of a ‘reference’ without trying to give insight as to why!
    Go for it, Joe!

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    Hi Joe,

    No need to consider these senseless views..So many Love your blog and love the way u post the java topics.Many are benefiting from this blog..Keep on Going…

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  25. HIral Khakhar says:

    Can u please write some how on advance java like framework jsf and spring?? Actually i dnt know r u compatible wd it or nt?

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    Thank you all for the good words, appreciations and great support.

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    I have learnt many things by reading your articles and lot of my doubts got cleared and helped a lot.

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    Really Thanks for ur effort and keep it up!!

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    Actually nw i m clear tht it is a blog of corejava !! So no issue about framework!! ok!!
    Actually concepts u write here is really helpful to me!!

  35. HIral Khakhar says:

    Way of writing and core concepts understands java very easily!!

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    Hey Joe You Are The Best And Dont Worry About Those Comments…
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    Hai Joe,
    It is your satisfaction to write on your own blog and the readers will read your blog if they find answers to there questions. But I think you shouldn’t answer to those foolish questions because it is upto you to write on your own blog.
    But actually I really thankful to you for these articles which are giving me in depth knowledge of my subject. Thank you very much and god bless you Joe.

  41. vamsi says:

    Hai Joe,
    Can you explain about ThreadLocal in java, i think it is very useful…

  42. sridhar says:

    Great work Mr.Joe continue…. excepting more from u ….

  43. Srikanth S says:

    Very well compiled answers which shows your Patience and Perseverance towards the task.
    No new words from me, though we have many portals that talks abt Java, this one of yours is something special especially to beginners, fresh outs, students . Even for experianced like me, its a site to recollect things. There is no term called OLD in learnings and be proud of whatever you are doing and as a good friend of yours, i am proud of your work and proud to a part of this site , as a regular reader.

    Keep up the good work and you ROCK!!

    Srikanth S

  44. Joe says:

    Srikanth, I am so happy that you are a regular reader of javapapers. Having experienced people like you is a great support. Thanks a ton.

  45. Rupesh says:

    Can you explain about ThreadLocal in java, i think it is very useful

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    MR.Joe i really enjoy reading your blog. i am a beginner in java and really like the way you explain the concepts.

    keep it up,and thank you for such a nice blog.


  47. Lokendra Singh says:

    Hey Joe it is really really a best java blog, the way u write is very nice, its really simple and understandable by anyone and helps lots of people to clear their confusion. Good Work Keep It Up :)

  48. Amitabha Roy says:

    Agreed on all points. Though I have never commented by I have read many topics here and my friends also say this is a “quality blog”. I was inspired by you and your blog and have started my own blog. The problems you’ve faced at the beginning, I’m also facing the same and I’m also learning PHP. :) My request, please don’t go for quantity and maintain this quality.

  49. Joe says:

    Thanks Amitabha. Good luck with your blog.

    My vision is simplicity and quality. Quantity takes least priority.

  50. Harinath says:

    Hi sir,
    I have completed my java certification, I have learned a lot of things while preparing for certification.But when I read your articles I found something new,even though I know that concept previously.
    I appreciate your publishing about java.please keep doing……..

    Thank you……

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    its very useful Blog ..Joe.. Thanks alot

  52. rajkumar says:

    i love javapapers sir….

  53. Revathy says:

    A new beginner of java, needs from basic so please give the explanation from basics,so lots more thanks..

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  55. Josh says:

    Hey Joe,

    I just found your blog from a search for something. And found your explanation the most informative and easy to understand.

    This made me want to explore your site further rather than getting the answer and leaving.

    The article I stumbled on was written in 2008, I think it’s great your still actively updating the site and continue to share your knowledge and spend time helping others.

    I’m now subscribed and look forward to working my way through older posts and receiving future updates via RSS.

    Thank you.

  56. srinivas reddi says:

    i dont have habbit of reading blogs but for the first time it is interesting and ur journey towards this field is inspiring.
    i like the design it is colorful ..
    go a head sir..
    thanking you..

  57. Anonymous says:

    Hi Joe, Could you please tell me how you designed this site.I am planning to start this kind of site. Please guide me.

  58. Itudoben says:

    good job for spending the time to acknowledge everyone. Humility is something everyone has to learn and you’re a good person to learn from.
    Keep up the spirit,

  59. siddu says:

    I hope you are doing Very Well……

  60. Jay says:

    You writing style and crisp content is awesome .

  61. GN says:

    Nice blog … starting from this basic,I am eagerly waiting for more to learn such Spring and advance of that, Hibernet ,Ibatis … so on … :) Thanks for ur great efforts taken for us

  62. vivek says:

    People do say .Let It be .If you enjoy this work .Be Happy .

    No one can be expert .We all are learning.
    You have some nice concept which I like.


  63. srinivasan says:

    You rocks. Don’t stop for any reason

  64. Denny says:

    Thank you Joe for this blog atleast am benefited a lot from this thank you soo much

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    nice answers :)

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    Hi Joe,

    Nice to see your blog. I open it I found some new Java knowledge everytime ….


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    One of the best blog, I like your way of presentation

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    Very nice Article…
    Thanks alot..

  69. Anonymous says:

    Can you explain ” ModelAndView. addObject(Object modelObject) ” with an example please?

    I don’t find the proper example for that method ..
    if possible , pls explain with an example..
    Waiting for this…

    Thanks in advance..

  70. Anonymous says:

    Good work joe..keep going …

  71. Anonymous says:

    This Blog is really helpful for me. Great Job Joe.

    Keep it up,and thanks a lot.

    Bhabani Padhy

  72. Rahul says:

    Thanks for such a simple and unique blog. Keep it up.

  73. Why Android? says:

    […] javapapers has outgrown itself and these days it is driven by a wonderful java community. Core of javapapers will always remain as java and you will keep on getting loads of fantastic java stuff. Equally I will start writing on Android too. I choose every topic believing it will be a hit. But it doesn’t happen like that, making every user feel happy on all article is not practical. […]

  74. Rashi Coorg says:

    Yours is a great and nice Java blog i ever found! Thanks a lot!

  75. Anonymous says:

    As for the theme, I actually like it very much. Reminds me of the old school days, only difference being I am learning more about the things that I am using right now in the professional world.

  76. Kalyan says:

    Remember, you are doing the most difficult thing… expressing the complex things simply… before going to any other site, I search here first… if available, I assure myself that, I will understand the topic… don’t get disappointed on any comment… keep up the good work…

    Joe you rock!!!

  77. Joe says:

    Thanks guys for your overwhelming support. Thank you.

  78. Anonymous says:

    what is that simpler answer?

  79. Anonymous says:

    G00D W0RK !!

  80. prab2112 says:

    HAIL, JOE!
    Your blog is one of the best java blogs i have come across!!
    & i’m loving it. It has helped me understanding Web Services & many other things. :)

  81. Akhilesh S says:

    I’m newly introduced to this site. i really love the way you present the articles. Wish I could have share some article.

    Thanks alot Joe.

  82. Jawahar says:

    You may not like what I tell you. You should not have replied to those foolish questions. You should have just ignored it.

    This post looks harsh. Especially these two Q&A’s.

    Why are you not helping with my project / assignment / error?
    Did I told you that i will? But still, I have helped some school kids for their assignment. Since, I was very much attracted with the problem they gave me and I felt it as a challenge.
    Why are you having this design? I don’t like it.
    Can you design/suggest a theme which you like. Let me see if it attracts me.

  83. Nitin says:

    Thanks for your effort to know something you have

  84. fei says:

    Thank you for your great job!
    Please keep going and ignore the jerks.

  85. Shubhra Agrahari says:

    This is my 1st comment….. I got this site 2 days before.
    These papers are really very helpful to me,and i just wanna say that never change your way of writing.

  86. me says:

    +1. Jawahar is right

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