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Google Releases Android Studio Stable Version One

Android Studio 1.0 released! This is the first stable version of Android Studio by Google. It was on development for the past two years. Android Studio is the official Android IDE. It is built on the famous IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition) Java IDE. It was first announced on the Google I/O Developer conference in May […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 11/12/2014.

And the Top Programming Language Award Goes To

This article is based on IEEE Spectrum’s 2014 ranking. I agree with the way the ranking is done. Most of the time this language popularity ranking skewed based on the ranking provider. This time IEEE spectrum has considered 10 sources and they are the happening places with respect to language and technology. Some of them […]
Published to News Tutorial on 28/07/2014.

End of Public Update for Java SE6 has Come

Guys move to Java SE7, if you have not already done. We will not get any further public updates from Oracle for Java SE6 after February 2013. There is one last planned update which is coming up in February 2013. Previously the last planned public update was November 2012 and it was extended to Feb […]
Published to News Tutorial on 05/12/2012.

Apache (ASF) Resigns from JCP Committee

It’s one month old news as of today. Still if you are not aware, Apache software foundation one of the most respected group and it moves away from JCP citing license issues and Oracle’s strong hold on java. Java benefited in many ways for more than 10 years from Apache. It chaired the JCP executive […]
Published to News Tutorial on 11/01/2011.

JAG is Now Unemployed!

I recently noticed that James Gosling moved his blog from sun’s site to his own blog with a cool domain name. Also, I noticed in his bio that he is unemployed. Yes, you read it right, James Gosling is unemployed! Oracle bought Sun some time back. We are all eagerly watching the events aftermath. I […]
Published to News Tutorial on 15/07/2010.

Now the SUN is Red now redirects to – oracle completes acquisition of sun. Is it a happy news or sad news for sun customers? In particular java guys. Oracle is a strong supporter of Eclipse – what will happen to NetBeans now? Will oracle continue and endorse JCP (Java Community Process)? Will MySQL development continue? Will oracle […]
Published to News Tutorial on 30/01/2010.

Happy Birthday Apache

Apache is celebrating 10 years of successful service to software industry. First ‘version 0.6.2’ released to public in April of 1995 and still standing tall. It is not only the sound knowledge and technology that made Apache survive successfully for these many years. It stands on top of its ideology and principles. Every computer user […]
Published to News Tutorial on 06/11/2009.

What is EOSL?

Do you know what is coming on October 30th, 2009? A comet like Shoemaker-Levy is going to hit Earth and break it into pieces! Or sky is going to fall on our heads. Nothing of that sort is going to happen. It is end of life for J2SE version 1.5 (JDK 1.5). That is, it […]
Published to News Tutorial on 20/10/2009.