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A WordPress Blog Performance Optimization (Horror) Story

This is a JavaPapers story. How I nosedived into deep pit and how I am trying to get out of it. This is not to bash anybody, in particular the WordPress or the Hosting provider, because all I got to blame is me and only me. Prelude javapapers.com is running on a WordPress platform. I […]
Published to Misc Tutorial on 22/09/2014.

Javapapers Redesigned

Javapapers was running on a colorful design for many years. Like everybody, I too like lots and lots of colors. Years back, when I did the design only two things were in my mind, I wanted bright colors and wanted the site to feel like a notepad of papers. I succeeded in that design and […]
Published to News Tutorial on 01/04/2014.

javapapers’ best of 2013

This post is a summary of the best articles of Javapapers in year 2013. These are not based on traffic volume or number of comments. I took multiple factors into consideration including above and prepared the following list. It is just an ordered list and is not ranking. Java Abstraction Abstraction is the concept of […]
Published to Misc Tutorial on 07/01/2014.

Why Are You?

I had to write this article because of few frequent comments/emails I have received. Many of them are positive, helpful, some are disappointing and few are derogatory. Though I have learnt to live with all those, some of the questions are sincere and so I wish to respond to my readers. Why are you not […]
Published to Misc Tutorial on 26/03/2012.

Its 1 Million now – Thank You

Its been a while I have written on the blog. I was kind of occupied with other studies! Suddenly I noticed a surge in bandwidth usage in my service provider’s report. Something is happening with javapapers. I quickly checked analytics report and found in recent months there is a surge in number of visitors to […]
Published to News Tutorial on 16/04/2011.

javapapers.com Celebrates 400000 Pageviews

Its been 1.5 years I launched javapapers.com It was a great journey until now. I have utilized every bit of my free time to pursue this dream. I am very happy that this blog has surpassed 400000 page views. Thanks to Google for all the search results. It all started as just a personal log. […]
Published to News Tutorial on 14/11/2009.