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Editors are an integral part of a programmer’s life. If you have good proficiency in using an editor thats a great advantage. It comes very handy to debug. Traditional notepad and SOPs (System.out.println) are the way we start learning a language but that is not sufficient, so beginners start using an IDE and most importantly know the shortcuts.

For java developers there is a huge list and some popular areEclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ Idea. I use Eclipse as my IDE and vim as a light weight editor.

This article is for those who use or intend to use Eclipse as IDE. Keyboard shortcuts are very important for comfortable and quick editing. I have abridged the following list of eclipse shortcuts from my own experience and literature.

There is a huge list of eclipse shortcuts available but I have listed only the most essential ones that you may need daily. Download this list as a pdf formatted for single page.

File Navigation – Eclipse Shortcuts

  • CTRL SHIFT R – Open a resource. You need not know the path and just part of the file name is enough.
  • CTRL E – Open a file (editor) from within the list of all open files.
  • CTRL PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN – Navigate to previous or next file from within the list of all open files.
  • ALT <- or ALT -> – Go to previous or next edit positions from editor history list.

Java Editing – Eclipse Shortcuts

  • CTRL SPACE – Type assist
  • CTRL SHIFT F – Format code.
  • CTRL O – List all methods of the class and again CTRL O lists including inherited methods.
  • CTRL SHIFT O – Organize imports.
  • CTRL SHIFT U – Find reference in file.
  • CTRL / – Comment a line.
  • F3 – Go to the declaration of the variable.
  • F4 – Show type hierarchy of on a class.
  • CTRL T – Show inheritance tree of current token.
  • SHIFT F2 – Show Javadoc for current element.
  • ALT SHIFT Z – Enclose block in try-catch.
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General Editing – Eclipse Shortcuts

  • F12 – Focus on current editor.
  • CTRL L – Go to line number.
  • CTRL D – Delete a line.
  • CTRL <- or -> – Move one element left or right.
  • CTRL M – Maximize editor.
  • CTRL SHIFT P – Go to the matching parenthesis.

Debug, Run – Eclipse Shortcuts

  • CTRL . or , – Navigate to next or previous error.
  • F5 – Step into.
  • F6 – Step over.
  • F8 – Resume
  • CTRL Q – Inspect.
  • CTRL F11 – Run last run program.
  • CTRL 1 – Quick fix code.

Search – Eclipse Shortcuts

  • CTRL SHIFT G – Search for current cursor positioned word reference in workspace
  • CTRL H – Java search in workspace.

Download eclipse shortcuts list as a single page pdf. You can stick it for quick reference in your workstation.

This Core Java tutorial was added on 19/02/2012.



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    I have another one shortcut in eclipse. If you press CTRL + SHIFT + L in eclipse, you will get all the shortcut keys in eclipse.

    Thanks and keep going …!

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    how to enable the paint editor in Eclipse

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    System.out.println = sysout+ctrl+space

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  10. sd says:

    configure ur environmental variables

    Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items>>System>> change settings>>advanced>>
    environmental variables>>add>>
    variable=HOME and value=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_10(change it according to ur path)

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    most-used shortcuts

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      Go to window->preferences->General->Editors->Texteditors->ShowLineNumbers

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    Cntrl + Shift + L

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      Use DJ Decompiler a tools which helps u to regenerate class file from.class files

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    Two more important commands as follows:

    1> CTRL + W –> to close each opened file
    2> CTRL + SHIFT +W —> to close all files which are opened.

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