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Definition for java this keyword:

Java this keyword is used to refer the current instance of the method on which it is used.

Following are the ways to use java this

1) To specifically denote that the instance variable is used instead of static or local variable.That is,

private String javaFAQ;
void methodName(String javaFAQ) {
this.javaFAQ = javaFAQ;

Here this refers to the instance variable. Here the precedence is high for the local variable. Therefore the absence of the “this” denotes the local variable. If the local variable that is parameter’s name is not same as instance variable then irrespective of this is used or not it denotes the instance variable.

2) Java This is used to refer the constructors

public JavaQuestions(String javapapers) {
this(javapapers, true);

Java This invokes the constructor of the same java class which has two parameters.

3) Java This is used to pass the current java instance as parameter


4) Similar to the above, java this can also be used to return the current instance

CurrentClassName startMethod() {
return this;

Note: This may lead to undesired results while used in inner classes in the above two points. Since this will refer to the inner class and not the outer instance.

5) Java This can be used to get the handle of the current class

Class className = this.getClass(); // this methodology is preferable in java

Though this can be done by, Class className = ABC.class; // here ABC refers to the class name and you need to know that!

As always, java this is associated with its instance and this will not work in static methods.

How is(java) this?

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  12. […] Second brace is an initialization block. That too you have seen in it a class for initialization. You may have used a static initialization block. When you use the initialization block for an anonymous inner class it becomes java double brace initialization. The inner class created will have a reference to the enclosing outer class. That reference can be used using the ‘this’ pointer. […]

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    String name;
    ThisExp(String name)
    super(“Mohan”); = name;


    /* void show()



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    main(String s[])
    base b= new ThisExp(“Amit”);;
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    // Perfect Example to understand “this” keyword//


    class MeanValueClass

    int x,y;
    void getdata(int x,int y)


    System.out.println(“In getdata x:”+x+”\ty:”+y);


    int putdata()
    System.out.println(“In putdata x:”+x+”\ty:”+y);
    int ans=((x+y)/2);

    class MeanValue
    public static void main(String args[])throws IOException
    int a,b;
    int z=0;
    BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader (;
    System.out.println(“Enter any two integer numbers to find mean value”);

    MeanValueClass m=new MeanValueClass();

    System.out.println(“Mean value : “+m.putdata());

    This code will surely illustrate the use of “this”

    if you are confusing then “just remove this from getdata()”
    you will see the difference.

  68. Pro_hacker says:

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    without it you are calling their childrens i.e.Local variables :D XD :*

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