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Android Location Tracker with Google Maps

This Android tutorial will walk you through to create a location tracker using Android location API and Google maps services. This deals mainly with two areas, using the location API to continuously get the user location and then showing that lat-long position in the Google maps. Refer the Android location using fused provider tutorial to […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 15/03/2015.

Android Geocoding to Get Latitude Longitude for an Address

In this Android tutorial you will learn about Geocoding and how to find latitude/longitude for a give address location. In a previous tutorial we learnt about reverse geocoding to find address for a latitude/longitude. This tutorial is a reverse of that. If you are looking for tutorial to find the current location then refer the […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 04/12/2014.

Android Show Current Location on Map using Google Maps API

This tutorial is to learn how to show the current location on map in an Android application using Google Maps API. Previously we have seen tutorials to get the current location using the different location providers. If you are looking to just get the latitude and longitude of a location, the refer get current location […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 13/11/2014.

Find Places Nearby in Google Maps using Google Places API–Android App

This Android tutorial is to learn about using Google Places API to find places nearby in Google maps. I will walk you through to create an Android app to find nearby places to you. There are two steps in this tutorial, Show current location on map using Google Maps API. Find places Nearby using Google […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 13/11/2014.

Android Location Fused Provider

This Android tutorial is to explain what a fused location provider is and how to use it to get the location using a sample Android application. We need not explicitly choose either GPS or Network location Provider, as the “Fused Location Provider” automatically chooses the underlying technology and gives the best location as per the […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 06/11/2014.

Android Get Address with Street Name, City for Location with Geocoding

In this Android tutorial, I will walk you through how to find the address based on the mobile location. We have got GPS or network provider in the Android device and we can use that to get the current location in terms of latitude and longitude. Using the latitude and longitude we can get the […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 16/10/2014.

Android Location using GPS, Network Provider

GPS and network providers are two different ways to get Android device location (latitude and longitude). GPS and network location providers have got their own advantages and we may have to use both in sync. In in-door situations GPS may not provide the location quickly and network location provider is quick. Network location provider uses […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 30/01/2014.

Get Current Location in Android

This android tutorial is to help learn location based service in android platform. Knowing the current location in an android mobile will pave the way for developing many innovative Android apps to solve peoples daily problem. For developing location aware application in android, it needs location providers. There are two types of location providers, GPS […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 06/05/2013.