Why not declare a constructor in servlet?

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Technically you can define constructors in servlet. But, the declared constructor cannot access the ServletConfig object or throw a ServletException.

Then why is it not customary to declare a constructor in a servlet? Because the init() method is used to perform servlet initialization. In JDK 1.0 (servlet were written in this version), constructors for dynamically loaded Java classes such as servlets cannot accept arguments. Therefore init() was used to initialize by passing the implemented object of ServletConfig interface and other needed parameters.

Also, Java constructors cannot be declared in interfaces. So, javax.servlet.Servlet interface cannot have a constructor that accepts a ServletConfig parameter. To overcome this, init() method is used for initialization instead of declaring a constructor.

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    Can you please tell me who calls this init() and when servlet class is instantiated?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The default constructor is call to create the instance after that init() method is call to convert instance to servlet.

  10. Rani says:

    D container calls d init() cuase it controls d servlet lifecycle methods…..:)))))

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    can u please provide the difference between costructor and init() method in servlet

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    Without calling of constructor(without creating an object of that particular servlet) how we can invoke any mathod ie init() mathod

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    Good Explanation

  17. Hari says:

    Servlet container will call the init()

  18. Saroj Kumar says:

    “Without Calling Constructor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Where it’s written dude…. Of course constructor (no-arg constructor) is called by container to create instance of Servlet..
    but the job of implementing “ServletConfig” interface, is done after instantiation of the Servlet, so it can’t initialize the servlet at instantiation time. So Container pass this implementation as an argument to the init() method of Servlet to complete its servletness.

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    nice explanation!! but what exactly do you mean by “servletness”?

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    Why the dynamically loaded classes constructor couldn’t accept arguments???

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    Can any one give me more clarity on why init()will be used instead of constructor.

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    but its still confusing. Interface doesn’t have constructors. dats right, then how come the servlet have a constructor? When a constructor is used?

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