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Last modified on April 1st, 2014 by Joe.

From now onwards I am starting up a series, where in I will share cool java applications that I come across. I don’t want to keep my blog stiff. Even some friends have started commenting that, we get exam fever when we stumble on javapapers.com

Sometimes I couldn’t resist myself when I see a nice thing that I feel like introducing to others. So how is it going to get related with javapapers? Will I post about a nice secret joke that I came across. No! as always I will stick to java.

So how can you identify this series? Watch out for the tag (look at the url) – “java-gallery”. Now over to the first cool thing :)

I came across a website named wordle, which generates word clouds. Its awesome! Done using java platform. You should have java in your machine to run that. If you came to javapapers.com thinking that its about coffee, then this site is not for you.

I am dumbstruck by the options it gives. Its not just a toy, it has loads and loads of logic behind it. You may wonder how useful it is? There are many ways, wordle can be useful, starting with generating a nice image for you T-shirt. More than worrying about the usefulness, I wish to appreciate the innovate idea.

Couple of images generated using wordle with source as javapapers.com

just click this image to see the same in large size.
I hope these kind of applications will be an inspiration and will boost the energy of the creator inside everybody.

Comments on "Wordle – Word Clouds"

  1. Srikanth S says:

    Good One Joe.

  2. N.SENDIL KUMAR says:

    it’s really nice!

  3. JOe says:


  4. Ajai G says:

    Nice one joseph.

    Always keep sharing something like this.

    I would even like an option for visitors to share the items which they feel good for others. Future idea :) ( May be you could have this in pipe line).

    Ajai G

  5. Joe says:

    Thanks Ajai. Sure, will add to pipe line :-)

  6. Prasad says:

    Nice one Joe !!
    Getting in touch with such incredible java based apps is really a nice experience.

    Also i would appreciate if someone talk about the JVM internals. (want to dive inside now :) )

    Thanks a lot !
    Keep on posting :)

  7. anne a says:

    sewwt they look awesome. Could one of mine be on
    this page?

  8. Joe says:

    Yeah sure, let me know more detail..

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