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Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Nashorn is a JavaScript engine, an implementation of the ECMAScript Edition 5.1 Language Specification. It comes bundled with Java SE 8. It can be used as a scripting tool along with Java to create polyglot applications. Nashorn is one of the core features of Java 8. It can be used in two different modes command-line […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 02/05/2014.

Java 8 Features

“Java Platform, Standard Edition 8 (Java SE 8)” is released on 18th March 2014. Along with the Java SE 8 platform, the product that implements the platform, “Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK 8)” and “Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (JRE 8)” is also released and available for download. From this release, the code name […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 20/04/2014.

Java Lambda Expression Examples

Lambda expression in Java 8, enables to pass a functionality as a method argument. Lambda expressions is one of the hot topics in Java 8, which is about to be released. Few months back, I wrote article for introduction to Lambda expressions. In this article I will be presenting few examples using which we can […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 18/11/2013.

Lambda Expression in Java 8

A hot topic in Java 8 is support for lambda expressions. They are part of Java Specification Request (JSR 335). I wrote about closures in Java two years back. Lambda expression are informally called as closures. We are closer to the release of Java 8 and lets see how it is implemented. Lambda expressions are […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 17/04/2013.

Java Closures

In this article, I will explain what a closure is and clear the confusion surrounding anonymous inner classes and closures, then java’s current situation with respect to closures. First I want to emphasize the below two points: As of JDK 1.6 we don’t have closures in java. Annonymous inner classes in java are not closures. […]
Published to Core Java Tutorial on 12/05/2011.