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Java DelayQueue

Java DelayQueue is a collection and an implementation of BlockingQueue. Unlike ArrayBlockingQueue, DelayQueue is an unbounded collection. The BlockingQueue methods are implemented in such a way that only delay expired elements can be taken out of the queue. If the delay has not expired for any elements in the queue then the poll method will […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 05/10/2014.

Java ArrayBlockingQueue

This Java tutorial is to discuss about ArrayBlockingQueue which is an implementation for a Java BlockingQueue Collection. We will see a producer consumer based example using ArrayBlockingQueue to understand the BlockingQueue interface. ArrayBlockingQueue is based on a bounded Java array. Bounded means it will have a fixed size, once created it cannot be resized. This […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 29/09/2014.

Java BlockingQueue

BlockingQueue Collection is a type of Java Queue. BlockingQueue is part of Java concurrent util package. It is best used in multi threading and producer-consumer scenarios. While adding an element to a a BlockingQueue, if there is no space it can wait till it becomes available. Similarly while retrieving, it will wait till an element […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 29/09/2014.