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Ray Tracing

This article is to introduce ray tracing for those who are not aware of it. Essentially help beginners, college grads by highlighting an area where they can put their efforts to create a nice Java application. I will also introduce an entry level Java application which you can use it for inspiration. Ray tracing is […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 04/01/2015.

10 Interesting Java Projects You can Contribute and Learn

If you are looking for interesting Java projects to join and contribute, continue reading the article. This post is part of our Java gallery where I present interesting Java projects to our readers. It is always good to be part of a Java development team and do some good amount of coding. In school and […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 29/10/2014.

Java Mind Map Free Tool: FreeMind

Mind map is a diagrammatic way of representing a thought process, ideas and concepts. An informal way of organizing unstructured information. We start from a central concept and branch out from there and create an ecosystem around it. The advantage of mind maps is there is no real hard standard like UML. Anything even a […]
Published to Java Tutorial on 21/08/2014.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – uavplayground

We are tired of doing the regular mundane monkey projects. A web application with features for add, modify, delete, view and some database at backend. Very bored of doing this. Only the UI, sometimes the framework changes from project to project and all else remains the same. Sometimes we feel “Wow thats a cool project!” […]
Published to Java Gallery Tutorial on 14/10/2013.

Ant Colony Optimization in Java

Long back I introduced Wordle word clouds as part of Java gallery and then completely forgot about the gallery category. Today I was reading about ant colony optimization and came across a nice implementation of it in Java. Thought of sharing this Java application to you as part of Java gallery. Ant colony optimization is […]
Published to Java Gallery Tutorial on 30/03/2013.

Wordle – Word Clouds

From now onwards I am starting up a series, where in I will share cool java applications that I come across. I don’t want to keep my blog stiff. Even some friends have started commenting that, we get exam fever when we stumble on Sometimes I couldn’t resist myself when I see a nice […]
Published to Java Gallery Tutorial on 21/01/2011.