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Android Tab Layout Tutorial

This Android tutorial is to walk you through learning tab view in Android. We will be using Fragment to display Tabs in an Android activity. TabActivity class is deprecated and it should not be used going forward. It is a simple and straight forward Android app. We will create an Android app with three tabs. […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 25/06/2014.

Android ListView Custom Layout Tutorial

In this Android tutorial, lets learn about using a custom layout in a ListView. We can design a separate layout and use it as the layout for a row in the list view. In the previous Android tutorial for ListView we saw the basics. There we used a layout available as part of the Android […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 16/06/2014.

Android ListView Tutorial

This is an an Android Tutorial to help to learn about ListView. List view is one of the most used UI component in Android. It helps to display a list of items in a scrollable view. This list view is backed by an adapter which manages the data model to be displayed in the list. […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 11/06/2014.

Android Chat Bubble

In this Android tutorial, we will see about how to create an Android (bubble) layout for a chat application. We will use Android ListView with adapter to create the Android chat bubble layout. Chat bubbles are background image that expands horizontally and vertically as required based on the message posted. Nine-patch Image In creating Android […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 02/06/2014.

Android Drag and Drop

This Android tutorial is to help you learn about how to use drag and drop feature in an Android application. Drag and drop feature is a way of interacting with UI for long with computers. Now in the Mobile and touch screen revolution, drag and drop is becoming an important UI gesture. Lots of games […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 14/02/2013.

Android DatePicker

Recently I wrote a tutorial on android notifications and there we touched dialog notifications. Android’s date picker is a type of dialog. This tutorial is to explain how to create a date picker dialog in android. This dialog will disable the background activity until the user select the date and click ‘done’ tab of the […]
Published to Android Tutorial on 11/10/2012.