Difference between forward and sendRedirect


Control can be forward to resources available within the server from where the call is made. This transfer of control is done by the container internally and browser / client is not involved. This is the major difference between forward and sendRedirect. When the forward is done, the original request and response objects are transfered along with additional parameters if needed.


Control can be redirect to resources to different servers or domains. This transfer of control task is delegated to the browser by the container. That is, the redirect sends a header back to the browser / client. This header contains the resource url to be redirected by the browser. Then the browser initiates a new request to the given url. Since it is a new request, the old request and response object is lost.

For example, sendRedirect can transfer control from http://javapapers.com to http://anydomain.com but forward cannot do this.

‘session’ is not lost in both forward and redirect.

To feel the difference between forward and sendRedirect visually see the address bar of your browser,
in forward, you will not see the forwarded address (since the browser is not involved)
in redirect, you can see the redirected address.

When can we use forward and when can we use sendRedirect?

Technical scenario: redirect should be used

  1. If you need to transfer control to different domain
  2. To achieve separation of task.

For example, database update and data display can be separated by redirect. Do the PaymentProcess and then redirect to displayPaymentInfo. If the client refreshes the browser only the displayPaymentInfo will be done again and PyamenProcess will not be repeated. But if you use forward in this scenario, both PaymentProcess and displayPaymentInfo will be re-executed sequentially, which may result in incosistent data.

For other than the above two scenarios, forward is efficient to use since it is faster than sendRedirect.

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Example for forward and sendRedirect based on real world

Consider the real world scenario, the milk man comes and asks for monthly payment to you in your house. Here house is the container and you are a resource existing in the container. Milk man is the client or browser.

He asks for the monthly payment to you, this is the request made by the browser to resource A. If you go inside your house and ask your mother (another resource B inside the same container) for the cash and come back and deliver to milkman this is called forward.

If you ask the milkman to speak himself to your mother inside your house or you ask the milkman to speak to your father who is in his office (different domain) then this is called redirect.

This JSP tutorial was added on 13/05/2008.

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  8. In the technical scenario given above – for payment & display of result, why do we need client interaction? Correct me if I am wrong.
    for example, the user does a payment by clicking Pay Now button. In most of the online payment sites, there will be a warning saying – do not press fresh button or back till you get a confirmation message – I think in this scenario, forward is happening. Please let me know whether my understanding is correct? ( email pn8572@gmail.com)


    • Prashant,In the scenario of the online payment when the sites give a warning saying “Please do not press the back or the refresh button” they are using redirect not the forward.Because once the payment is successful then again its getting redirected to a different page which is showing the payment successful information.

    • Hi Prasanth,

      In the payment and Displayinfo once fill informaion on merchent page(info)related once we presss the submit button then internaly it will goto payment site if u want conformation see URL(exp: flipcart==> to anybanksite) then in this time it will show dont press refresh button or back bcz if u prsss payment is not completed so transaction is not completed so transaction is rollback bcz of that it will show error page. once payment is sucesses then it redirect to merchentsite.now if u press refress button it wil show only displayinfo will refreshed but it wil not called payment.

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  37. I could understand your example very well. But there is a confusion with a real time situation that I’m thinking about.

    If you go to irctc.co.in for payment it will redirect you to netbanking application. At that time since this is a redirect it’s a new request and the old req/resp will be lost. But once payment is done it is going back to the irctc.co.in. Where this url is preserved? in the session?

    It would be very helpful if you clarify the situation mentioned above.

    • There is an attribute of HTTP Header called referer (actual spelling referrer) which will always keep track of the last URL from where the request is being made.

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    If you go to irctc.co.in for payment it will redirect you to netbanking application. At that time since this is a redirect it’s a new request and the old req/resp will be lost. But once payment is done it is going back to the irctc.co.in. Where this url is preserved? in the session?

    It would be very helpful if you clarify the situation mentioned above.

  46. @elangovan
    Thats a very nice question relating to the context.

    Here this is a redirect and there is no doubt about it. irctc (web application) is integrated with the payment gateway. While integrating, there will be provision to set the callback url and the list of arguments that needs to be passed back to the web application. So, once the payment is done, the payment gateway will call the registered url (in this case irctc). So there is no need to preserve the url in session. The call will be done by payment gateway.

    Some additional information:

    Internally there will be another url involved called notify url. On payment, this notify url (in the irctc web application) will be called along with status variables. This will happen in a notify-acknowledgement mode. Using the status variables, webapplication (irctc) can update its database or execute process like sending an email (ticket) to the user.

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    • Servlet is not thread-safe by itself because of performance overhead. Prior to Servlet 2.0 to make it thread-safe you need to implement
      SingleThreadModel interface but its deprecated and can be removed from future version.
      You can make your Servlet thread-safe by making the service method synchronized.

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