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Spring @Order Annotation

@Order is used to define sort order for components annotated with this annotation. @Order annotation is available in Spring Framework since version 2.0. Till Spring 4 , it supports ordering only for AspectJ aspects. Spring 4 made a nice little enhancement to @Order annotation. It introduced support to ordering of auto-wired components in collections like […]
Published to Spring Tutorial on 14/10/2015.

Spring Properties with @PropertySource Annotation

PropertySource is an abstract base class that represents a source of name value property pairs. @PropertySource is an annotation for declaring a PropertySource to Spring’s Environment. In this Spring tutorial, we are going to discuss the following three topics in detail with examples, Spring 3.1 @PropertySource Annotation @PropertySource Annotation improvements in Spring 4 Java 8 […]
Published to Spring Tutorial on 30/08/2015.

Spring @Conditional Annotation

This Spring tutorial is to learn about @Conditional annotation that was introduced in Spring 4.0 We shall see about what @Conditional annotation is, in what scenarios it can be used, difference between @Conditional vs @Profile annotations and an example Spring application using @Conditional annotation. Prerequisites Introduction to @Conditional Difference between @Conditional and @Profile annotations Spring […]
Published to Spring Tutorial on 11/08/2015.

@Profile Annotation Improvements in Spring 4

As part of Spring 4 features, we are going to see about the updates to “@Profile Annotation” with some suitable and simple real time examples. This Spring tutorial has the following topics, Introduction to @Profile annotation Prerequisites Spring 3.1/3.2 Profiles @Profile Annotation Spring 3.1 introduced the annotation @Profile. Profile annotation is a logical grouping that […]
Published to Spring Tutorial on 21/06/2015.

Autowiring Java Generic Types in Spring Framework

Spring 4 has introduced many improvements to core container. One among them is autowiring of Java generic types. In this Spring tutorial we will go through what that feature is and how it can be used. This tutorial is suitable for beginners in Spring framework. From Java 1.5 Annotations and Generics are the most popularly […]
Published to Spring Tutorial on 03/05/2015.

Spring 4.x Features

Spring 4.0 was released in December 2013 and developers are migrating to it gradually. New Java projects are recommended to adopt it directly. It was one of the major version release for Spring framework. Major features on Spring 4 is the complete support for Java SE 8 and Groovy. Following are the Spring 4.x features […]
Published to Spring Tutorial on 23/04/2015.