About Me

I am Joseph Kulandai (Joe), living in Chennai, India with my wife Vincy and our cute kids Beno, Jessica. I got fascinated with computers when I was 14 years old. My neighbouring friend had a computer with a monochrome display which was prevalent on those days. It was on some DOS 2.x OS I remember, no GUI but that was fun. I used to watch my friend play a game, which had flying helicopters dropping tiny guys in parachute. It had a mounted gun at the base to shoot the helicopters and the jumping parachute guys. Yeah, it was the paratroopers and it all started from there.

When I even didn’t have a television at home, a computer was a real envy. Then came the summer and I had just completed tenth grade in school. There were advertisements floating around about summer computer courses. I chose DBASE from a coaching centre and I did not care about whether it was a package or a language or whatever. I just wanted to access a computer. My dad was a labourer in a fertilizer plant and it was not a cozy job. Now I know that, it should have been difficult for him then. But he never didn’t let me know and happily paid for my journey.

During that time, Windows 3.1 was released. The paint program is still fresh in my memories. Next summer it was Unix and C. Then CPP. I did my graduation in Mathematics from Bishop Heber College. Then I did post graduation in computer applications. Then I got a computer, a Pentium MMX with 200 MHz speed and 64 MB RAM. Man don’t smile, then it was the fastest computer in the market.

Then I went on to complete MS in Software Systems. Then I joined a start-up as a Java programmer. I am pretty comfortable with programming using Java / JEE with fourteen years of programming experience. Its nostalgic, writing Java from JDK 1.1. I recently learnt PHP and JQuery with help from my wife to build this website. My wife Vincy is a PHP programmer and her story requires a separate page in itself.

I started this blog with a personal reason. Just to keep log of my technology learnings. It went viral on a Java topic and later on, I started ambitiously writing every article by giving more depth and coverage. This has become a passion for me. JavaPapers is one of the most popular Java blog out there and has served millions of views to the Java community. JavaPapers was started on 05-Apr-2008 and its community is growing every day. I am proud of what we have achieved. Thanks guys.

Thanks to the Paratroopers game for introducing me the computer. I bought an iPOD classic 30GB when it was introduced. It was an accident that I found the same paratroopers game in it. Yes, still I play it.


This website heavily stands on top of the shoulders of other websites, blogs, books, journal articles and forums. Most of the content I write are what I read from these sources. I read and understand from different sources, then add my experience and present it to you in my language. I owe it to lot of people and my sincere thanks to you all. Some of them are listed below,

Thank you.